District Livestock Shows- Christa Gilfeather

On January 25th I was able to attend the Northeast District Livestock and Dairy Show in Verona, Mississippi at the Lee County Agri- Center with Julie White, Oktibbeha County Extension Director. I was able to see the Market Lamb Show (wool and woolies), and the Beef Show. The Market Lamb show was separated into divisions by age of the exhibitor for showmanship and then breed (Oxford & Shropshire, Hampshire, Dorset & Other Breeds, and Crossbred) weight (light-weight, medium-weight, heavy-weight), and lastly, natural color. The Beef Show was segregated by age of the exhibitor for showmanship, and classes for the all breeds. Breeds represented in the show were Angus, Hereford, Santa Gerturdis, and Charolais. Our main objective during the beef show with Mrs. White, however, was to make sure a new family to the circuit was comfortable, and punctual for their events. It seemed to me, that the beef cattle most characteristic of their breed as far as size and stature were often placed higher than those that were not (however I was unable to watch the show in its entirety).

This week I also went out to The South Farm Beef Unit where I video-taped Winter Hay and Feeder Management, Visual Identification Methods, and sorting of cattle by age and then weight to be used for the MSU Beef Cattle Youtube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/MSUBeefCattle) . I also, helped in the office where I cut documents and assembled booklets for the Dixie Nationals and addressed envelopes for the Extension office.


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