Diving into the literature! – Heather Mulvehill

This week I continued researching bovine respiratory disease as it pertains to pre-weaned beef calves. One article was a producer survey that collected information from various cow/calf producers in the United States. Results showed that the majority of calves contracted BRD between 30-120 days of age, and operations that had over 100 head of cattle had a higher incidence of BRD. The overall conclusion from each statistical analysis provided was that in any situation where the cattle were commingled, a greater chance of contracting BRD was found. However, as was stated last week, numerous factors and viruses help contribute to BRD, which makes it difficult for researchers to pinpoint a specific cause of this disease. This is the main reason that it remains the most costly disease in the cattle industry and why research has continued to focus on BRD.

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