Warren Hillhouse Beef Cattle Research Intern

This week has been busy due to several things that had to be done on the south farm to prepare for cold weather and to collect data for ongoing research.  My duties included feeding in the cold and gathering and working cows for certain projects. One of the duties that I performed several times this week was busting ice out of water troughs for the livestock. With the arctic front that came in, we had to hay first thing this week and then at the end of the week so the cows would have plenty to eat.  hillhouse 1

We had two research projects this week that consisted of us getting the cows and calves up for work.  After we got them up, we had to draw blood and get measurements on the calves for the projects.  The duties that I performed this week are the same types of work that  farmers (especially beef producers) around the country experience day in and day out at the office. 


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