A day in the life of the Beef Unit crew- Warren Hillhouse

This week at the South Farm has been busy due to the upcoming Dixie National Livestock Show and Rodeo.  Not only will we send cattle down to be used for the Judging Contest (more to follow on it), but we also have to prepare for many of our crew to be gone as well.

First, we had to feed all the animals on the farm. Due to the cold weather front we have had, we also had to put out some more hay for all of the cows.  Warren2

Unlike last week, when the main concern was ice, this week we had a new challenge of mud.  At the South Farm, we all work together to help out with any tasks that need to be done.  With this being said, I helped with Rachel’s (a PhD student under Dr. Brian Rude) project drawing blood from her calves.   We also had to fix the weigh system on the feed buggy so we could feed the animals in the mornings.  As the week wound down, I helped to get the truck and trailer prepared to transport cattle to the Dixie National in Jackson, where a group of Charolais bulls will be used for the Collegiate Beef Judging Contest.  We’ll also transport market animals back from the Sale of Junior Champions to be used for ADS classes. It has just been another busy week out at the South Farm. 

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