Dixie National Judging Contest-Christa Gilfeather

The week of February 3rd, I worked in the office. Can you guess what I did? Yes, prepared documents for Dixie National Judging Contest! We needed more scoring cards for the contestants to use for their class placings. So I was able to practice my cutting skills for a few hours this week.

Then, Friday, I was able to ride to Jackson with some of the members of Mississippi State’s very own Livestock Judging team to the big event. The contest began Saturday morning.


My job at the contest (along with four other individuals) was simply to be a group leader. I lead a group of ~25 college students (from all over the country) to their classes. During the class I was to make sure contestants stayed on task and remained quiet. As each class ended, I then collected their score cards and gave them to a runner – in preparation for the next class. It may not sound like a huge job, but this weekend it really showed me that every member of a team is a vital component. I really enjoyed myself. Not to mention, everyone was so friendly and helpful. And what’s not to love about a beef cattle show? I am so thankful for the experience – I would love to come back and do it again. Who knew interning could be so much fun!