Going “back to the roots”

This past week (February 17th) at the MSU Extension office in Starkville, we went “back to the roots” with our “Tree Giveaway.” This was a community service act organized by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) in which the MSU extension participated in.  We had numerous volunteers that helped us wrap the individual trees with newspaper for easy access. Surveys were given to each individual that came and picked up trees. The survey asked questions such as: how many years have you participated in the tree giveaway, for what reason are you planting trees, and how many of your trees survived in the past years that you participated in the tree giveaway. A total of two thousand trees were given away over a two day period consisting of three different types of trees: Sawtooth Oak, Nuttall Oak, and Cypress. We also provided the public with information packets that instructed them on how to plant their trees and take care of them properly to all ow them to grow to their fullest. Also, for anyone who might be interested in attending the next FARMtastic event, it will be held November 10-15 at the Mississippi Horse Park in Starkville, MS. For more information please contact the Oktibbeha County Extension office.anna_2anna_1


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