Ending February with a Bang ~Christa Gilfeather

This week at the office was mostly about finishing up preparations for the BCIA sale in Raymond, MS. Monday, I helped by putting labels on envelops and then stuffing them with BCIA forums. Wednesday, I put together a box of supplies needed at the sale.Today, Chelsea and I were also able to go out to the MAFES Physiology Unit and get together a game plan for videoing certain management implementations for sheep and goats for the MSU Beef Cattle Youtube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/MSUBeefCattle) . Last night had to be my favorite part of the week though, I was able to attend a Cattlemen’s meeting at the Mississippi State Extension office. Chelsea and I arrived early to help , Mrs. Brenda, Mrs. Stephanie, and Dr. Julie White’s intern, Miss Anna Leach, with the steak dinner preparations. Afterwards, we were able to eat dinner with and enjoy the company of the Cattlemen’s members. Last night’s lecture was on weed control presented by Dr.John Byrd. This lecture encompassed the importance of using a variety of herbicides (which herbicides are best for particular weeds), why labels for herbicides are important, and what equipment is necessary for the dispersal of herbicide. Weed control guidelines for Mississippi can be found: http://msucares.com/pubs/publications/p1532.pdf and other information on weeds: http://msucares.com/crops/weeds/photo (2)

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