Catching up with Christa Gilfeather

South Farm maximizing efforts with CattleMax

The week of March 3rd, I made my way down to the South Farm to help out with their relatively new online management program, CattleMax. CattleMax makes recording keeping extremely easy and accessible. Changing record keeping methods is a long process for any business, but in the end I believe this system will save time here at the Beef Unit once implemented. I was able to enter information on individual cows, groups of cows (according to breed), breeding information, and semen tank logs. Learning the quirks of the system was surprisingly enjoyable to me! Good record keeping will only help a farm especially when management decisions must be made. I look forward to hopefully working on this project again.

Sunning and shinning while doing A Little A.I.-ing

Spring break ended on the South farm!  Friday and Saturday I was lucky enough to help assist individuals going through Mississippi State University’s Artificial Insemination School. My main task along with Allie, was to instruct persons in the correct method of loading of an artificial insemination gun. The process starts at the tank – retrieval of the semen straw (liquid nitrogen—I almost forgot how cold it is!), to the water bath (95 degrees Fahrenheit), then to the paper towel (blocking UV light), cutting the straw, to finally inserting the straw of semen in the A.I. gun and lastly guiding the sheath over the A.I. gun. I really enjoyed working with people from all over the country who have a passion for betterment of the cattle industry! What a great way to end my break!


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