Updates from the Beef Extension Interns-Allie Vidak

Apologies from Dr. Karisch for the late posting!

Sold! (From the week of March 11)

This past week the Beef Cattle Improvement Association and Hinds Bull Test Sale took place. We traveled to Jackson on Wednesday and helped set up. Wednesday night we hosted two guest speakers, one was a spokesperson and salesman for the new VetGun that is an oil distribution method of insecticide. The other speaker was Dr. Caleb Lemley, who spoke on reproduction. We also hosted a dinner that night too! That was the interns main task for the night. Everything went very smoothly. The next day the sale was held. We sold 80 lots of bulls from both the bull test as well as the BCIA consigned bulls. I got to help with the desk to take buyer information, and take notes during the sale, as well as checking buyers out at the conclusion of the sale.

Boot Camp Prep And A Trip To The Mid-West (From the week of March 24)

Last week we worked on getting things ready for the upcoming Beef Cattle Boot Camp. Later in the week, I had the opportunity to attend the Region 4 American National CattleWomen’s meeting in Stillwater, OK. While there, we went on numerous tours both on and off campus. We toured the FAPC Robert M. Kerr Food and Agriculture Products Center where we got to see the numerous rooms that were part of their meat processing plant as well as their equipment and baking rooms that are used to research wheat. We then went to Reproductive Enterprises, Inc. and we’re able to see demonstrations of semen collection and analyzation, embryo transfer mechanisms, as well as ultrasound techniques. We also visited OSU’s Vet Teaching Hospital. Our final tour was to the College of Hotel and Restaurant Administration where we had the opportunity to play a game based off of the T.V. Show “Chopped” and to learn about the Vegas Strip Steak that was developed at OSU and released in 2012.

Beef Cattle Boot Camp Prep Week (From the week of March 31)

This week we worked on preparing for Beef Cattle Boot Camp. Boot Camp focused on providing producers more information about practices that they use everyday such as vaccinations, implants, records/identification and consulting their veterinarians. Throughout the week we had to put binders together that contained articles and diagrams of the various topics of Boot Camp. I think we managed to learn every office and department of the Vet School between finding Beef Quality Assurance materials to finding needles and syringes for vaccination demos. Boot Camp was hosted on Friday (April 4th). We helped that day with registration as well as set up of the various stations for demonstrations.

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