Healthy Cow’s come from MSU’s South Farm-Christa Gilfeather

Last week, I helped pack up a few things for Beef Cattle Boot Camp located at Brown Loam Branch Station in Raymond, MS. Also, I organized some supplies in the Extension Office… such as judging cards used for the Dixie National Judging Contest. The rest of my week was spent entering data into our handy Cattle Max program at the South Farm. I was able to start updating medications for all of our cattle. Depending on age and sex certain animals were administered different wormers and vaccinations. Also, some bulls were castrated; this information was also entered. All of this information could be added relatively quickly by editing various groups of cattle at once. So, this let me select several animals with the same drug administration and edit them simultaneously. I am surprised daily by the simplicity yet efficiency of this program, and still I do not have a single negative connotation against it.

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