Life of Charley – Char’Lesa Tadlock

I am Char’lesa Tadlock from Forest, Mississippi. The first thing people ask me is how I got my name. I am named after my grandfather, Charlie Brantley, and “Lesa” just finished it off. I was born on July 24, 1991, which makes me a Leo, so I blame my stubborn, demanding, and ambitious personality on my zodiac sign. I am blessed with two wonderful parents and an older sister. They help me stay focused on the big picture and encourage me to do the best in everything I do. I am majoring in animal and dairy science with a concentration in meat animal science and production. With this degree I hope to manage our family business, Tadlock Stockyards. Tadlock Stockyards was established by my great-grandfather, R.C.Tadlock, in 1926. It is one of the oldest privately owned businesses of its kind in Mississippi. I want to elevate this business to a state of the art auction house while continuing to offer exceptional service to both the buyer and seller. I feel that interning with Hy Plains Feed Yard in Montezuma, KS will teach me new methods and give me a better understanding of how the cattle industry operates.Charley_Intro


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