MSU Extension Intern- Week 2- Logan H.

On Monday June 9, I helped Mr. Crow, the livestock judging coach with getting some things organized for the three-day livestock judging camp he was putting on. I helped label and organize the room assignments for the high school students who were going to stay in the dorms here on campus. Later that morning I helped Mrs. Crow with the check-in of all the students by giving them the keys to their rooms, the maps of campus, and their schedules. Later that afternoon I took photos of the kids judging sheep out at the beef unit.


From Wednesday through Saturday I was out of town helping with the Northeast 4-H district horse show in Verona. Ms. Jennifer Williams, an extension agent for Webster County, and Ms. Lisa Stewart, the county coordinator were the two women I worked with. Ms. Williams and I worked the check-in table together; she checked the competitor’s registration papers and I would get their back numbers for them. On Friday, we were working the check-in table, when all of a sudden we heard someone screaming out of distress and pain. A 4-H student was coming through the alley way with his horse and somehow the horse was spooked and had pushed the boy up against the hinge on the panels in the alley way. As everyone crowded around, Ms. Williams and I went and got chairs for the boy’s parents so they could sit with him as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. As I looked on I saw Ms. Stewart calming and comforting the student’s mother as they waited. As it turned out the boy was fine just sore and his muscles hurt in his back. He returned later to the show to watch.

On a happier note, I met two little girls who were in the special needs class for western pleasure- showmanship and they were delightful. It was nice to see other adults and children giving encouragement to these girls by letting them know they were their fans. After the girls were told by so many people that they were their fan, they began signing autographs for everyone. Paige and Waverly, the two girls, came to the check-in table to give us their autographs and I spoke with them for a moment. It was a happy experience to feel grateful for what I have been blessed with, but also to see that I and others had brought smiles to these girl’s faces.


With all these experiences this week, I am able to make connections to the things I have learned from my major in leadership. My skills have improved in collaborating with others to help organize the check-ins for these events and also it helped me to better my communication skills. Throughout my leadership classes, the concept of empowering others has come up time and again. By giving encouragement to those sweet girls, Paige and Waverly, I feel it did empower them and I helped to make a small difference in their lives. On another note, throughout this internship, I have and will keep meeting and working with different people who will teach me new things and I will learn to foster teamwork with different types of individuals. It will also help me to learn how to make things more cohesive in working with different people and teams, whether it is helping to plan and organize events, to also working with others to help benefit the community. Also by working with others at horse shows or the camps I have helped with, these things will help me to further my skill in problem solving by coming up with solutions to hick-ups in my work tasks.

I am looking forward to what lies ahead this summer in working with a diversity of people and tasks. The people I have met so far have made my job interesting, as well as fun.

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