MSU Extension Intern-Logan H.

Well this week I helped Ms. Shook with preparing different items for the 4-H State Horse Show. I helped sort back numbers by county and also did all the labels for the horse stalls at the fairgrounds.

I traveled to Winona on Tuesday for the 4-H cookout contest and helped with doing the placing’s for the category of less expensive steak. There were three kids in the junior’s category for less expensive steak and three senior kids for the same category. photo (4)

To me, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves and had a fun time. The overall winner that was chosen out of the eight winners from each division was an 11/12 year old girl. She was so excited! The kids seemed enthusiastic about participating in this contest. I actually recognized this one little boy from the livestock judging day camp that I helped with my first week, and he ended up placing second in his division. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to sample any of the meat that was cooked, which was sad because I was starving!

photo (5)

Later in the week I had to help load the extension trailer that Dr. Jousan hauls down to Jackson for the state show. I helped load the trophies and awards for the show.

By working at the cook-out competition in Winona, I was participating in civil engagement. It was nice to help set up and work with other agents that support so many 4-H students, who are hugely affected by this wonderful program. It not only gives the kids a sense of pride and accomplishment, it also teaches them to be responsible, civic minded individuals. Many of these kids will eventually have their own families and will have their children participating in the 4-H program. So looking at it from this view, 4-H teaches children many things, but it creates a continuous circle that produces civic-minded individuals, who want to help their community and fellow neighbor.

In the week coming up, I will be traveling to and working in Jackson for the state horse show. This event will prove to better my communication skills, my skill in maximizing my resources, by juggling so many work assignments, and also it will increase my skill in context in which I will draw on past experiences to help me understand new assignments while working next week. I am excited so see all the events, meet new people, and also to shop while I am there. I have a weakness for clothes, and jewelry vendors at rodeos; they sure know what I like! As a side-note, I am also excited because my birthday is next Monday, the day I leave to go to Jackson.

With the diversity in the tasks I have been given so far, and the events I have attended, these things have widened my view into not only understanding what all an extension agent does, but also these events have bettered my skills as a leadership major.

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