MSU Extension Intern- Logan H.

Well this week I was moving slow, still trying to catch up from the horse show last week. I cleaned out the cooler from the horse show that still had drinks in it and then I worked on clearing out papers from old horse shows. I went through files and then I cleaned out old score cards from shows with lambs, steers, and market goats. image (3)

I proofed the regional entries for the regional horse show that is coming up at the end of the month for Dr. Jousan. I am pretty happy to not be going to another horse show, as it is tiring and long. The regional horse show is going to be held in Raleigh, North Carolina. After I had finished clearing out files, I labeled and put up the photographs that kids submitted in the 4-H contest. The pictures I hung were the winners for each category. The photos were of excellent quality. Many of the 4-H kids are very talented. image (2)

This week I was surprised with a nice thank you note from Mr. Crow, the livestock judging coach, for helping with the livestock judging camp he put on earlier this month. It made my day, to know I was helping and doing a suitable job with my tasks. Due to the holiday this week, it was dull and quiet, as most of the people in the office were on vacation. Here in Mississippi, many companies shut down the entire week of Fourth of July, as many people use this week as their summer vacation. My tasks grew fewer and farther between as the week drug on. Thursday I printed labels and labeled envelopes to be mailed out for Dr. Karisch.

Next week will be busier as I will be helping Ms. Jennifer Williams again. I will assist her at the dairy camp being put on here by campus at the old bull barn. Then, Wednesday next week, I will go with Ms. Williams again for a NASA camp that it being put on for 4-H students. I am not sure what will all be involved with these camps, but I feel they will be interesting. It will be nice to have some new scenery.

Throughout this week, I practiced my organizational skills by helping with clearing out files and having to re-arrange folders by county. I also had to organize the regional horse show entries that I proofed. Overall, I just tried to keep busy. With so many people gone it was hard to find things to help with, especially because I completed all the work I had to do on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday morning I restocked the cooler that I drained and cleaned out for Dr. Jousan so he can take those beverages with him to the regional horse show.

I am looking forward to the camps that I will be assisting with. Next week should be more upbeat and interesting.

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