MSU Extension Intern- Logan H.

Week 8

This week I was given random tasks. I worked on a task that I had not done before, which was working on inventory. I took inventory on all the cattle publications from the department and I also re-organized them by publication number. Week8-2

Many of the publications had been misplaced into the wrong folder. This made the process longer because when I was counting, I would find a wrong publication mixed in the stack. Time and again I had to recount and add numbers to the publications I had already gone through. A majority of the publications were informational and directional for local ranchers and farmers. The readings varied from how to manage a pasture, to pinkeye in cattle and how to treat it.


I also worked again on making horse/livestock judging packets. I think I have surpassed the 400 mark now. There are still many left to make. I will continue to work on those packets for the upcoming events that they will be used for, which include: the State Fair, the Dixie National Livestock Show, and another judging event in between those two events. I also helped Ms. Shook and Dr. Jousan proof signs made for the contestants riding in the regional horse show that will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Jousan will be leaving this Saturday to drive up there and begin setting up everything for the show. The contestants are given laminated signs with their county, horse’s name, and their name to hang on their stall. It is also a memento for them to keep. I went through all of them with Ms. Shook to make sure all the spelling was correct and to make sure that none were missing. Many of the contestants had more than one sign because they are competing on more than one horse. After we concluded they were all correct and present we boxed them back up and added them to the heap of things that Dr. Jousan will have to carry to Raliegh. I also proofed the entries for the contestants that were put into a spread sheet. I had make sure the events they were going to compete in followed their name and also that their entry number matched. I made a few spelling corrections and then Ms. Shook fixed them on excel.

Lastly, this week I worked on another project for Mr. Crow. He needed help with making a design on a bulletin board for the livestock judging team. The bulletin board is in the hallway here in the Animal and Dairy Sciences Department. One of Mr. Crow’s judging students, Justin Hall, helped me come up with the design and he went to Hobby Lobby to get the supplies. We will put the board together this coming Friday.

All in all it has been an enjoyable week. My creative skills were used to design the bulletin board to make it presentable and interesting. I also used organizational skills to take inventory on the publications. Next week I will be working on judging card packets again as well as a few other things for Dr. Jousan. Soon I will be helping Dr. Karisch get things together for the Deep South Stocker Conference that will be held in Meredian on August 8. This will be my last event to assist with as the 8th of August will be my last day of work.

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