Extension Intern – Kelsey H.


I arrived at the office Wednesday September 24th morning. I knew it was exhibit day so I was excited but yet did not really know what to expect. I walked in and the room was covered with different exhibits. The kids brought in vegetables, shirt pillows, paintings, bird houses, cotton, soil, etc. I was amazed at how many items they brought in. The judges showed up around 10:00. I assisted them by taping the ribbon to the paper with the name and item wrote on it. Once they finished, Mrs. Debbie and I went around and wrote down the placing of each item. By the time we finished doing that, it was time for lunch. When we got back from lunch we put everything in the computer using spreadsheet.  We had to have everything that was going to the State competition sent over before five so we were rushing to get finished.

Kelsey_1Kelsey_2  Kelsey_3

Thursday September 25th, I got to the office and started grouping the items by the kids’ names so when they came to pick their stuff up it was all in one spot. As I waited for people to arrive, I got started on another newsletter (the 4-H newsletter).  I helped parents gather items,  box them up and figure out which vegetables they wanted to take to the Mississippi State Fair. I did this for every person that came in. Most of the items were picked up by the time we were leaving. I also had plenty of time to finish addressing the envelopes so that Mrs. Debbie would not have to do it on Friday. We ended the day by emptying the trash cans.



This week was a slow week because of the Mississippi State Fair. Monday morning I started the day off by helping Mrs. Debbie do office work. We had news letters that needed to be sent out so we worked hard to get them finished by 10:00.  It takes time doing two hundred plus letters. We had to print off the letter, fold the letter, stuff the envelop, address the envelop, and then stamp the envelop.

That Wednesday when I arrived, I was told we had another newsletter to do. Mrs. Debbie said she had already addressed them so I finished everything else up and got them ready before lunch. After lunch, we ran some errands. BJ and I took the letters to the post office and then went to the court house to pick up their checks. Once we left there, we went back to the office to drop off the check and went on a farm visit. We returned to the producer who wanted to plant Alfalfa hay to collect soil samples.

Saturday, started our time at the Mississippi State Fair. I arrived at 7am. The day started off with a livestock judging contest. I watched BJ as he showed the steer so the FFA and 4-H participants could gather their reasons. After that we were done until 3pm. During lunch, I volunteered to help the Cattleman’s Beef Barn. I met BJ back at 3 where the steer show was being held. I helped he and other extension agents. I passed out the ribbons to the exhibitors as they finished showing. After three hours of doing this I was exhausted and ready to go. I showed up the next day and passed out ribbons for the Beef Showmanship. This was my first experience at the Mississippi State Fair and I had a great time and learned so much.


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