FFA Leadership Intern – Liz Wardell

Liz WardellMy name is Liz Wardell and I’m a senior from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. I’m an Army brat, so I have lived all over the place. I came to Mississippi State not knowing a soul, and that’s something I would do a thousand times over again. I have truly enjoyed my past three years here, and I look forward to sticking around for a few more.

People always ask  what brought me to MSU from Kentucky, and the answer is vet school. I grew up always wanting to be a vet. I wanted anything and everything to do with animals. I was the kid that brought her cat to show-and-tell and had a legit funeral for her hamster. I wanted my own horse for as long as I can remember, and I finally got one my freshman year of high school. Animals have always been a huge part of my life.

Although I originally came here to pursue vet school, that’s not where I’m going to end up. It took me two years to decide that I didn’t want to go to vet school, and it was a really tough decision to make. After shuffling through a bunch of Plan Bs, I decided I wanted to stay in school a little longer and get a Master of Science degree. I have loved being a part of Animal and Dairy Sciences, but I was ready for a change of pace, so I started an application for grad school with Agricultural and Extension Education. This means that I will be a high school Ag teacher, and I’ll be part of an FFA chapter, potentially an advisor. This is something that is completely new to me, because I was never a part of FFA or 4-H when I was growing up. I’m really looking forward to learning everything I can about these programs.That being said, I’m doing an internship this semester with Mrs. Gayle Fortenberry, who is current the FFA Coordinator for the state of Mississippi. I met Mrs. Gayle at the State Fair last semester, when I volunteered with the Children’s Barnyard. Mrs. Gayle is responsible for getting all the FFA events together in the state, and she has very close relationships with Mississippi’s FFA advisors, chapters, and members. Over the next couple months, I will be helping her organize paperwork for events and assisting at livestock shows and FFA events. Since I have little to no experience with FFA and 4-H, Mrs. Gayle is putting me directly into the situations that I need to get used to for the career that I’m pursuing.

I’m super excited to finish up my degree here at State in ADS and continue my education in a different department. I can’t wait to spend the semester with Mrs. Gayle and share my experiences via this blog.

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