Darling 888 Ranch – Jamie T.


Intro photoMy name is Jamie Lee Thomas and I am twenty-four years old. This past year has been my first year at Mississippi State University as a senior, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Dairy Sciences with a concentration in Science/Veterinary Science. I was extremely blessed to be accepted on an Equine Reproduction internship this summer at the Darling 888 Ranch in Princeton, Kentucky working with Ms. Dina Allen and Dr. Travis Luna. During this internship I will be get experience managing broodmares and foals along with some hands-on experience that will be required when I become a Veterinarian. I assist the resident vet with things such as lavages, cultures, and ultrasounds. When I am not assisting Dr. Luna, I help Ms. Allen with whatever management practices need to be done for the day such as feeding, haying, administering daily meds, and making sure each horse is healthy and have no injuries. In our typical work week we work approximately 40 hours. I’m very excited about this internship and so far have had an excellent time!


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