Town Creek Farm – Michael A.


My name is Michael Agar and I am a rising junior in the ADS department at MSU.Although I was born in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but I would claim Alabama as my home state. We moved to Auburn when I was only a few months old and have a family farm in Troy, Alabama. I started to get involved in FFA and agriculture when I was in high school in North Carolina; however, when my family moved to Georgia I did not have those same opportunities and sports consumed most of my free time. Growing up, we would make frequent trips to our farm where we raise approximately 50 head of registered Angus cattle, farm pecans, and own chicken houses (layers). This sparked my interest in agriculture and specifically the livestock industry. Going into college I was excited to return to Mississippi. I hadn’t knowingly ever stepped foot in the state, being that I was an infant when we moved. My family is full of engineers who happen to farm on the side and I decided to initially follow in their footsteps when I began my freshman year of college as a mechanical engineer. Although my grades were fine I never really enjoyed the curriculum and when I switched to ADS I knew that I had found my passion. I quickly got more involved with the department as I joined collegiate cattleman’s and the collegiate livestock judging team. I have certainly enjoyed my experience so far and encourage those of you that may be reading this to give judging some thought. The benefits of joining a judging team have already had a factor on my life as it presented me with connections that landed me an internship at Town Creek Farm. Town Creek has become one of the premier Brangus breeders in the entire country when it merged with Cow Creek Farm out of Aliceville, Alabama. They own about 3,000 acres just outside West Point, MS where they primarily produce registered Brangus and Ultrablack Bulls. It is certainly something the state of Mississippi can be proud of and it is a privilege to be their first intern from Mississippi State. I look forward to sharing my experiences at Town Creek throughout the summer!


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