SPARAO Intern – Rykkie C.


My name is Rykkie Cobb and I am currently a junior  majoring in Animal and Dairy Sciences. I have worked at a veterinary clinic for three years during which I did everything from sweeping floors to assisting in surgery. I pay very close attention to instructions when given.  I also have a lot of experience with horses. In addition, I have completed several equine-related courses here at Mississippi State including: horse management, equine behavior and training, therapeutic riding, and advanced equine evaluation. I also have taken reproduction. This formal instruction has helped prepare me to serve as the SPARAO intern this summer.

During my internship, I wish to gain skills that will be beneficial in my professional career and also help me to better understand the research aspect of production. I find research to be a very fascinating, so I hope to learn more about how it applies to the equine industry. I am very dedicated  to working towards my goals in life (to become a veterinarian). I believe during this internship I will  gain more knowledge that will prepare me for life after college.


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