Attala County Extension Intern-Zach Moody

Zach MoodyMy name is Zachary Moody and I am an Animal and Dairy Sciences major from McCool, Mississippi. I grew up on a small farm and have been involved in 4-H most of my life and I would like to pursue a career with the Mississippi State Extension Service after I graduate. This summer I will be interning at the Attala County Extension office under the County Director, Taylor Casey. I will be shadowing him and helping put on different programs and activities throughout the summer. I hope to learn about all of the different duties and activities this job involves so that after I graduate I am prepared and have experience when applying to work with the Extension Service.


During my first week interning at the Attala County Extension office I was shown around the office and met with many new people who help out around the city. I learned some of the basic duties that were done such as getting flyers ready to send to schools for summer programs and visiting people’s houses who were having troubles with their plants and needed advice on what they needed to do to fix it. We went to an orchard and looked at peach trees with blossom end rot and advised the owner how to control it. We also traveled to some of the local schools to hand out flyers and talk about 4-H to some of the classes. This week was a great learning experience for me and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store.


During my second week interning, I was able to learn more about different diseases of plants and more things that people who work for Extension are responsible for. I traveled to look at cotton plants that were being killed by thrips and others that were having to compete with soybeans that had come up in the field. I also learned about some of the diseases that ornamental plants like azaleas get and can be very problematic.  We had people come in to send off soil and water samples to be tested for different nutrient and pH levels. It was a very interesting and informative week.



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