Amazin’ Grazin-Capstone in Animal and Dairy Sciences

Note: This blog post was written by a group of students in the Capstone in Animal and Dairy Sciences course.


At the Amazin’ Grazin station we talked about all areas of the pasture based dairy industry. We were located in one of the two barns located in the dairy which did not affect our presentation too much. We collected samples of the different grasses and feed substitutes which we put in containers as visual aids for the guests (mainly kids) so that they could have something to play with. We brought up a dairy cow from the pasture and put her in the barn so that we could reference the different colored ear tags that the pasture based dairy cattle have as apposed to the ones that stay in the barn.

Although we were in the barn we could still see the center pivot irrigation off in the distance so we could point that out to the guests and explain to them its role in pasture based dairy. Although the weather changed up our plans a little bit we were still able to use most of our ideas.

We had some great interaction with the community of people that attended this event despite the weather that day. One that really stands out was our very first visitor. She told us that she came not only to learn about dairy cows but also how the different food products that are produced from a dairy can affect her health. She was just told by her doctor that she needed to change the way that eats and drinks and she was so excited when she heard about this learning opportunity that we were putting on for the community.


We had many other great interactions with different people from all walks of life. The kids seemed to enjoy playing in the different types of grasses that we brought and the parents seemed interested in how pasture based milk is different from barn raised dairy cattle. Overall, our group had a very fun time educating and interacting with the many different people from our local community.


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