Farm to Family: Capstone in Animal and Dairy Sciences

Note: This blog post was written by a group of students in the Capstone in Animal and Dairy Sciences course.

During the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food event on March 25, our group was tasked with educating participants about Animal Products. Our station was called “Farm to Family,” and those who chose to brave the rain to attend our community service learning event were given the chance to interact with our group through a guessing game about what products come from animals.


At our station, we set up a table that displayed several products of either animal or non-animal origin, and we chose to have items to focus on that were not the obvious, well known food products such as meat, milk, and cheese. We asked participants to identify a couple items which they thought contained animal products. Some items that come from animal products that we put on display included dryer sheets, make-up, candy, candles, and plastic bags. Other items, of non-animal origin, that we displayed were light bulbs, bleach, oatmeal, and Jell-O.


It was surprising to many people that some of the previously mentioned products come from animals. We did notice that most of the children who attended were only interested in the candy products and live animals from other groups. However, we felt that the adults who came through our station were very enthusiastic and eager to learn about the common household items we displayed that contained animal products.

As a group, we felt that it was very important to emphasize that every bit of animals that are harvested is utilized in some way. While it was hard to catch, and keep the attention of the youth who attended the event, we hope that the information we relayed to their parents and chaperones will be used at home to teach kids where their everyday items such as crayons, paint, candles, make-up, etc. come from. We would have loved the opportunity to interact with and educate a larger number of participants, however the weather decided otherwise. Overall, we greatly enjoyed this service learning project and hope that participants who attended learned a lot and enjoyed their time at the MSU Dairy.

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