Beef Extension Intern-Tucker W.

Week 8

A.I. School finally came around this week.  It felt like every week I did something to prepare for the fall A.I. school. I think this goes to show the amount of time and effort that goes into Extension programs for producers across the state. Early in the week I was able to put the last bit of information into the binders for participants. On Wednesday, Tyler Braud and I went and gathered all the supply’s needed from the storage unit. We sorted through the boxes to ensure we had all the necessary equipment going to each unit and also paper goods for the meals. Thursday was spent working on last minute things to prepare for participants coming that night and also a trip to Wal-Mart, which proved to be an adventure with Mrs. Mari. Thursday night once A.I. school started I just helped ensure participants went to the right stations along with setting out reproductive tracts. Friday and Saturday I helped participants to ensure they were passing A.I. rods into the cows properly at the dairy unit while another group was at the beef unit. A.I. school was good success now it’s on to preparing for our next event the BCIA sale.IMG_1516


Beef Extension Intern- Tucker W.

Week 6

Week 6 was all about the State Fair in Jackson. On Monday I helped Mrs. Elwanda Shook sort retinal images. Like humans have our own unique fingerprints, each animal has a unique retinal scan. Every market animal and commercial breeding animal shown at State Fair and Dixie National is scanned in mid-September. After each division the champion and reserve animal must be rescanned to ensure it is the same animal that was validated in September. I sorted each animal’s retinal scan in numerical order according to their ear tag, so images could be easily found when animals are rescanned. That was my main office job for the week before heading to the State Fair. On Saturday at the fair I helped with the FFA and 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. I helped ensure the classes made it to the Equine Center and were in the proper pens. I also helped Corey, Dr. Karisch’s grad student, take reasons for a class of breeding ewes. There were over 100 kids in the contest which made it a great success.

Beef Extension Intern-Tucker W.

Week 7

This week was a shorter week for me. I enjoyed Monday off at the State Fair in Jackson with my family. I always enjoy going to shows and seeing young people and their livestock projects because I know I would not be where I am today without those experiences.  On Wednesday Mr. Crow asked me to clean the trailer out that he took the pigs in to the judging contest on Saturday of the fair. Thankfully that didn’t take as long as I expected due to the high powered hose at the MAFES shop near the dairy. Friday was spent proofing and finalizing the BCIA sale catalog. I had to check to make sure EPDs and pedigrees were correct and also make sure each page was formatted correctly. I often receive sale catalogs and until now did not truly realize the amount of time and effort that goes into them. I’m sure this next week will be extremely busy with AI school coming up.

Extension Intern – Kelsey H.


I arrived at the office Wednesday September 24th morning. I knew it was exhibit day so I was excited but yet did not really know what to expect. I walked in and the room was covered with different exhibits. The kids brought in vegetables, shirt pillows, paintings, bird houses, cotton, soil, etc. I was amazed at how many items they brought in. The judges showed up around 10:00. I assisted them by taping the ribbon to the paper with the name and item wrote on it. Once they finished, Mrs. Debbie and I went around and wrote down the placing of each item. By the time we finished doing that, it was time for lunch. When we got back from lunch we put everything in the computer using spreadsheet.  We had to have everything that was going to the State competition sent over before five so we were rushing to get finished.

Kelsey_1Kelsey_2  Kelsey_3

Thursday September 25th, I got to the office and started grouping the items by the kids’ names so when they came to pick their stuff up it was all in one spot. As I waited for people to arrive, I got started on another newsletter (the 4-H newsletter).  I helped parents gather items,  box them up and figure out which vegetables they wanted to take to the Mississippi State Fair. I did this for every person that came in. Most of the items were picked up by the time we were leaving. I also had plenty of time to finish addressing the envelopes so that Mrs. Debbie would not have to do it on Friday. We ended the day by emptying the trash cans.



This week was a slow week because of the Mississippi State Fair. Monday morning I started the day off by helping Mrs. Debbie do office work. We had news letters that needed to be sent out so we worked hard to get them finished by 10:00.  It takes time doing two hundred plus letters. We had to print off the letter, fold the letter, stuff the envelop, address the envelop, and then stamp the envelop.

That Wednesday when I arrived, I was told we had another newsletter to do. Mrs. Debbie said she had already addressed them so I finished everything else up and got them ready before lunch. After lunch, we ran some errands. BJ and I took the letters to the post office and then went to the court house to pick up their checks. Once we left there, we went back to the office to drop off the check and went on a farm visit. We returned to the producer who wanted to plant Alfalfa hay to collect soil samples.

Saturday, started our time at the Mississippi State Fair. I arrived at 7am. The day started off with a livestock judging contest. I watched BJ as he showed the steer so the FFA and 4-H participants could gather their reasons. After that we were done until 3pm. During lunch, I volunteered to help the Cattleman’s Beef Barn. I met BJ back at 3 where the steer show was being held. I helped he and other extension agents. I passed out the ribbons to the exhibitors as they finished showing. After three hours of doing this I was exhausted and ready to go. I showed up the next day and passed out ribbons for the Beef Showmanship. This was my first experience at the Mississippi State Fair and I had a great time and learned so much.

MSU Meat Laboratory Intern – Carrie A.


I always considered stacking things to be an easy task. I’ve been stacking things for as long as I can remember. However, cold bacon is a different story. It probably is pretty easy, but I’m not the most cold-tolerant person and the room is a refrigerator, so as I was figuring out which side of the bacon was “up” while my fingers slowly went numb from the cold. Mr. James found it rather amusing that my problem was cold fingers and explained that Mr. Tim and he could do it a lot faster. It can be difficult competing with experience.

Thursday, we filled out orders, one of which had us slicing and stacking hamburger patties. Ethan showed me how to put together the bandsaw. I’m much better at stacking hamburgers, apparently.

Extension Beef Cattle Intern- Tucker W.

Week 5

Week 5 started off finishing up the last little bit of preparing A.I. school binders. Tuesday evening I went with Dr. Karisch and her graduate students to the Noxubee County Cattlemen’s meeting at Tanner Farms in Shuqulak. Dr. Karisch did her presentation on “Culling the Cow Herd” for the local cattlemen.  Her presentation was very informative, and it was nice to see what she does outside the office educating the producers. We also got to see some of the bulls that would be in the Tanner Farms Production Sale later this month. We were also treated to a steak dinner which is always nice. On Wednesday I inventoried all the supplies needed for A.I. school, so we could order the necessary material. Next week will also be another exciting week with the Mississippi State Fair starting in Jackson.

SPARAO Intern- Kaitlyn Ford


This week there was not very much going on, however, the horses still had to be scored every morning between 7 and 8 AM and the horses must be let out for exercise (if their score is below a 4.5) on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. This past week I assisted the student workers in scoring the horses and have become very comfortable with it! I also helped a student worker, Melissa, let the horses out for exercise on Wednesday evening. I am having a very fun time working with the horses, student workers, and the doctors! I can’t wait to learn more!

Kaitlyn F._1


This week I went to score the horses on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday mornings! I can now score the horses all by myself. {Yay!} It does take me a lot longer to score than the more experienced workers but I am sure I will become more efficient as the semester goes on! For most of this week all of the horses were in the pasture (which is very exciting for them)! However, now only Cassie and Zaney Cat are in the pasture. Glitter, Max, Blue, and Chico got moved back to the stalls at scales. I am really enjoying getting to know all of the horses different personalities including their likes and dislikes!


Small Animal Rehabilitiation Intern – Samantha E.


We gained three new patients this week. A German Shepard, Black Lab, and a Blue Heeler. However, our long term car accident dog finally went home on Thursday. We aren’t sure if he will be returning for future rehab sessions or if he is gone for good. We are hoping that he won’t have to come back and that he will recover on his own at home with his family. As far as our new patients, the black lab is extremely painful so we are using a different setting of e-stim on him to help numb the pain. The doctors are having a hard time figuring out what is causing the pain because nothing was abnormal after his surgery. Dr. Perez has also started doing acupuncture on him to help decrease the pain. The Blue Heeler is doing very well and is increasing his mobility everyday. He can walk with someone helping him, but is still shaky and falls over if not supported. I am currently just doing e-stim with him. The German Shepard has no use of her back legs as of now, but with the e-stim, we are hoping she will regain usage soon. Next week we will be starting aqua therapy with all of them, so it’s going to get really busy in rehab compared to the past few weeks!

Therapeutic Riding Program Intern – Blaire F.


I have just completed the second week of my internship with the Elizabeth A. Howard Therapeutic Riding Center and I still love it. I am really starting to get the hang of things, so I am able to help out a lot more wherever they may need me. This week, I continued to work with the same amazing kids that I was paired with from the week before. I was even able to work with some riders that I did not work with last week. Whenever we are lacking a volunteer for a certain rider, either I or one of the student workers, will step in and work with them for the session. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know a larger number of the participants in the program. It is so wonderful to see the riders run up to the arena with huge smiles on their faces and open arms for a hug, because they are so excited to be there. We and the other volunteers have the important job of making each session fun and enjoyable for each and every rider. This week, we all played a different game from the one last week. The last game we played was used in order to help the riders practice stopping their horses on their own. This game was used as a way to teach the riders how to turn their horses using the reigns. There were 3 big blue barrels set up in the middle of the arena and each rider picked their own barrel. Each barrel had 2 buckets on top; 1 contained slips of paper with different short words and the other was empty (for the words we already used). Around the outside of the arena, were multiple poles, each with a different letter attached to the top. After the rider chose a word from on top of their barrel, they would have to go all the way around the arena and turn their horse around each pole that contained a letter from their chosen word. Once they had spelled the entire word, they rode back to their barrel and chose a new word to ride around and spell. All of the riders seemed to love this activity! It not only gave them a fun way to practice turning their horses, but also a fun way to practice reading and spelling. I cannot wait to see what games we get to play with the riders this next week.

Extension Intern – Kelsey H.


Monday September 15th, I arrived at the office at eight that morning. BJ had nothing planned for the day. So, I helped Mrs. Debbie do office work. She had to send out newsletters for the Agriculture National Resource list. We made copies of the letters, folded them and put them in the envelope, addressed the envelope, and sealed them. We had to send out over two hundred letters, so this took the entire morning and still some. When I left at eleven, we were not even half way done.

Thursday September 18th, I arrived after lunch. Mrs. Debbie said they had been slow all morning. BJ did not have anything planned right away so I helped Mrs. Debbie make copies for exhibit day. Once I made the copies, I cut them out and gave them to Mrs. Natalie Ray. Later on that day, we had a farm visit. We drove out for a producer visit discuss planting Alfalfa. BJ explained to him how the process would have to go and the cost of everything. Once we finished looking at one pasture we drove to a different pasture. The man wanted to know which field the soil would be best for planting the Alfalfa. BJ told him which field he thought would be best and explained why. Once we were finished discussing soil information, we headed back to the office. By the time we got back it was time for me to go home.