Beef Extension Intern- Tucker W.

Week 6

Week 6 was all about the State Fair in Jackson. On Monday I helped Mrs. Elwanda Shook sort retinal images. Like humans have our own unique fingerprints, each animal has a unique retinal scan. Every market animal and commercial breeding animal shown at State Fair and Dixie National is scanned in mid-September. After each division the champion and reserve animal must be rescanned to ensure it is the same animal that was validated in September. I sorted each animal’s retinal scan in numerical order according to their ear tag, so images could be easily found when animals are rescanned. That was my main office job for the week before heading to the State Fair. On Saturday at the fair I helped with the FFA and 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. I helped ensure the classes made it to the Equine Center and were in the proper pens. I also helped Corey, Dr. Karisch’s grad student, take reasons for a class of breeding ewes. There were over 100 kids in the contest which made it a great success.

Beef Cattle Boot Camp & BQA Certification-Chelsea Freeman

This past week, we had Beef Cattle Boot Camp on the South Farm at MSU. We worked busily all week to prepare for this event. Producers around the state came to learn more about fencing techniques, live animal selection, reproductive evaluation, and then, they became BQA certified. We prepared rotational tables for the participants to learn more about injectables, identification methods, branding, dehorning, and other beef cattle management practices that comprise the BQA certification process. Becoming BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) Certified tells your buyers and eventually, consumers, that you raised your beef properly, humanely, and therefore, it is fit to eat. Anyone can become BQA certified, I am myself! Right now you can be BQA certified for FREE. Just visit the MSUcares website to learn more!