Anna had a FARMtastic time at the Dixie National!

            This week I attended the Dixie National Livestock Show in Jackson, MS. My mentor, Mrs. White, was asked to bring her creation known as “FARMtastic.” FARMtastic is a great event that allows people of all ages to see things related to farming and agriculture that they may otherwise never experience, such as: making butter, collecting honey from honey bees, growing crops, and making clothing from cotton. FARMtastic also exhibits several crops that the state of Mississippi produces like cotton, Vardaman sweet potatoes, and peanuts. The program also exhibits the state’s poultry and forestry industries. At the station in which I assisted, people of all ages made “beanie babies.” We wet a cotton ball and put it in a small ziploc bag along with a soybean seed. Then, the kids tied the bag loosely around their neck with string to utilize the warmth of their body to help the seed grow. In approximately seven days their “beanie baby” should begin sprouting, and they can transfer the sprout into their garden, or wherever they wish. FARMtastic was a blast, and I hope you all have a chance to walk through and see what it’s all about. Adults have just as much fun as the kids…just ask my mom!