ADS Ambassador – Chase W.

WEEK 2 & 3

These past few weeks have been filled with internship activities! (So filled that I am slow on my blogging). This internship has been such a fulfillment of everything I expected it to be and more. I wanted to meet people, and that’s exactly what I have been able to do.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I have managed to accomplish several tasks. I was able to put some work into our ADS recruitment power point that we use at our recruitment events. It’s not completely polished yet. My goal is to not only make it look nice and flow well; but for my larger goal, I want to make a recruitment video of what the Animal and Dairy Sciences department at Mississippi State is all about. I think a video would be widely used for our department and could showcase our many impressive units, animals, and students.

In addition, I was also able to continue to give several tours to prospective students. Through my recent tours, I have discovered a new recruitment challenge, recruiting those who are transferring or have already been to college at another location. It’s easy to talk to high school freshmen about college; it is much different when you are talking to someone who already knows what college is all about. In some ways, it’s easier to talk with transfer students because they know what they are looking for; and in other ways, it’s more difficult to talk with them because they know what they are looking for. All in all, I have found that talking to any recruit, transfer or high school, has been highly rewarding, and I’m glad for the new opportunity to take on this new challenge of recruiting transfer students. Most are extremely open to everything I have to say and are usually very excited about what our ADS program has to offer.

Chase and John Wayne

One of the most important events that happened in my internship recently was an event called “Academic Insight.” This event is for high school seniors that have been accepted into Mississippi State’s College of Ag and Life Sciences. I worked closely with Mrs. Jessica Graves to ensure that the Animal and Dairy Sciences students were able to see what our department has in store for them. Potential students were able to see our horse unit (along with the mini horse John Wayne, pictured); some brave students dared to reach their hand into one of our cannulated steers at the beef unit.DSC_0036

Students were also able to tour MSU’s award-winning dairy farm to see exactly where our dairy products come from. Finally, the students were taken back to the Wise Center for a tour of some Animal and Dairy Sciences classrooms and to see some of the many clubs and organizations in our department. Also at the Wise Center, a wet lab was set up so that students could get their hands dirty with some actual animal organs and other fun activities. My duties during this event was to ensure that everything was running smoothly and to take pictures of the many events that took place.¬†DSC_0107

¬†Overall, my internship thus far has been extremely exciting with the many events taking place. With so much happening, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and stressed! When I do feel like I have too much on my college plate, I remember Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” With this, I know my plans for school and this internship will succeed, and I can’t wait to see what else this internship has in store for me!