Beef Extension Intern- Tucker W.

The first week of my internship consisted or preparing and attending Cattlemen’s College at Town Creek Farm in West Point. This is an event hosted by Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association along with MSU Extension Service and other sponsors. It is day filled with workshops and speakers informing cattlemen about all different aspects of the industry. To prepare for the event I gathered things to hand-out at the ADS/Extension booth along with our display and tables. Once I got to Cattlemen’s College on Wednesday Dr. Karisch and Ms. Graves had already had the booth set-up so, I helped keeping the booth stocked with materials we were handing out along with helping Mrs. Leanne Peters at MCA with various jobs. I also got to listen in on some of the speaker’s presentations on marketing cattle, herd health and forages which were very informative. Overall the event was a success with over 160 participants from across the southeast. Here are some pictures from the day thanks to Mrs. Leanne Peters and Mr. Sammy Blossom:


Discussing marketing weaned calves at the sale barn


Discussing herd health practices


Brangus bulls out on pasture.

My second week was spent mostly in the office preparing for the upcoming A.I. School. Dr. Karisch was out of the office all week attending a conference so Mrs. Mari Quinn and I got a head start on preparing things for the upcoming A.I School in October. We went ahead and printed all the needed material for participants along with putting it in binders. I also inventoried the MSU Extension Service publications that would be used so we could ensure we had enough for each participant. Now we are just waiting for the publications we ordered and we be able to complete the binders.